Products Catalog/Biotech Division

“We sincerely serve you with high-quality goods and professional technical consulting services in order to enhance the advantages of your products in the market.”

Fifty years ago, Formosa Produce Corp. had branched out into the field of food ingredients, majorly cocoa butter alternatives.

In 2014, the original food sector expanded to division of Biotechnology due to the sharp growth of proxy items and turnover. The main business covers as follows:

  • Import and sales of general food and functional food ingredients.
  • Functional food formula consultation.
  • Research on Industry-University Cooperation of functional food ingredients.
  • Functional food formula and product development.

The products currently represented by the Biotechnology Department include pine bark extract, pine tree extract plant sterols, olive leaf extract, grape seed extract, saffron extract, carob extract, medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil), vegetable meat special fats, vegetable-based beverage fats. Each raw material was selected rigorously and contained clear functions. To achieve the company’s business philosophy “customer first”, the Biotechnology Department also provides professional technical consulting services to meet different needs of customers.

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