“We sincerely hope to provide you high quality products and professional technical consulting which can enhance the advantages of your product and build solid market. In close communication and cooperation with each other towards the world is our goal!”

Business philosophy

  1. Keep the honest and humble attitude toward work, along with a mentality of respecting nature, loving humanity, loving my work and loving my company.
  2. Make contributions for the progress of mankind and development of mankind and society while in the pursuit of both material and spiritual well-being of all employees.

Business objectives

  1. Provide the deeply popular product and sincere service to corporate customers and consumers.
  2. Fulfill customer supremacy. For the customer’s needs, you must put down what you think first and make every effort to challenge and complete the goal.

Company introduction

Formosa Produce Corp. was established in 1949 in Taiwan, follow the beliefs of “honesty and customer supremacy” and serve our customers the most sincere service.

We keep the honest and humble attitude toward our work and provide the deeply popular product and sincere service to corporate customers and consumers through close cooperation and exchange process. Once in the pursuit of both material and spiritual well-being of all employees, we also keep the mentality of respecting nature, loving humanity, loving my work and loving my company toward the “Nature” goal. Based on this, we develop a variety of new applications in materials and grow together with customers. Furthermore, we hope to contribute the progress and development of mankind and society via a breakthrough in these fields for new guidelines and co-development new products with our customers.

Formosa Produce Corp. had developed in decades with sale of chemical raw materials in early stage. Being a professional trade marketing team, we has continued to pursue growth and gradually extended to other fields including chocolate substitute oil, frozen equipment, clothing with a cloth and other products. Today our company is currently dominated by two major business divisions: Materials Division and Biotechnology Division.

Materials Division

In the early days our main products are specialty chemicals material containing terpene resins, rosin resins and petroleum resins. For decades our main market includes adhesives, hot melt adhesives, rubber products, pressure sensitive adhesives, paints and inks. We worked with famous brands of specialty chemicals companies in Europe, Japan and other area and connected with Greater China emerging markets to provide competitive products in price and quality to our customers.

Following the market trends, we have set up R & D team in 2008 and continue to cooperate with the international major raw material production plant to enhance the special features of various types of raw material products. Our team cooperated closely with our customers to make technical exchanges and provided the most suitable processing methods and formulations to increase the adding value of customers’ products.

Except resin products, our Materials Division of specialty chemicals material also sells neoprene, silicone rubber, thermoplastic elastomers and other types of synthetic rubber materials. Under the goal of “natural”, this division also continued to work with customers to develop water-based and sustainable products from all kinds of raw materials.

Biotechnology Division

Fifty years ago, Formosa Produce Corp. had branched out into the areas of food ingredients, majorly cocoa butter alternatives.

In 2014, the original food sector expanded to division of Biotechnology due to the sharp growth of proxy items and turnover. The main business covers as follows:

  1. The Import and sales of raw materials for general food and functional food.
  2. Formula consulting service of functional food.
  3. R&D of the cooperative research of functional food ingredients.
  4. R&D of functional food formulations and product.

Currently the raw materials of the division of Biotechnology including French maritime pine bark extract, Pinus phytosterols, olive leaf extract, grape seed extract, Saffron stigma powdered extract, Ecuador cocoa butter, Ecuador cocoa mass, Ecuador cocoa powder, cocoa butter alternatives, etc. Each raw material was selected rigorously and contained clear functions. In addition, the division of Biotechnology also provided professional technical consulting for customer of different needs to fulfill the philosophy of “Customer first”.